Friday, April 3, 2009

First shampoo deliveries made!

It was a great day today! Clean the World Foundation distributed 32 pounds of shampoo each to two outstanding homeless service centers in Orlando, Christian Service Center at Coalition for the Homeless.

Noel Alamo from CTWF Operations and myself first met with Rich Giaquinto at Christian Service Center. When we pulled up to the center we noticed there we many homeless people just outside the gates of the center and it hit me that were we going to be helping these people in a small way...perhaps as soon as today! We pulled around back to unload the shampoo and that's where we met Rich who had just finished unloading donated food from his large box truck. Rich was really happy to see us and was thankful for the shampoo. We snapped a quick picture with Rich, and Noel and I were off to our second delivery.

We quickly discovered that Coalition for the Homeless is just a few blocks away from Christian Service Center. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see how many buildings there were in the complex. Families were walking around, people were socializing in an open area shaded by trees and children we playing at the Downtown Orlando Boys & Girls Club playground on the other side of the parking lot. The sheer size of it made me realize how many people there are without a home and it felt good being able to contribute to making their lives a little more comfortable.

We met up Sharon Smith who greeted us with a warm smile and was very grateful for the shampoo. She spoke about how much she needs shampoo in small bottles like ours because often the people that use them throw the bottles away just after one use, no matter how big or small the bottle is. I snapped a quick photo of Noel, Sharon and some of the children at the center who loved the attention. All thanked us as we left. What a great feeling. What a great day.

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