Saturday, April 4, 2009

Second shampoo delivery takes place.

Our second shampoo delivery took place today. This time I went with Shawn Seipler, our executive director, and Oscar Gonzalez who works in Partner Relations. We went to two different Orlando organizations, Central Care Mission and Covenant House.

We first met William Lowry at Central Care Mission. It is a really nice facility just outside of downtown where men are supplied basic living needs and employment as well as spiritual, personal and career counseling, education and training. William was happy to show us around the well-maintained property as he told us of the trials and tribulations he's gone through over the years to get where the mission is today. He is extremely proud of the "home-grown" companies that employ the residents there, including the recent Threads of Compassion, an on-site custom embroidery and garment print business.

Next was Covenant House, an organization who provides shelter and other services to homeless, runaway and throwaway youth. Our shampoo donations we welcomed with a smile by the receptionist and several of the residents in the lobby. While doing a little bit of research on Covenant House I came across a recent study on homeless youth that was shocking. It reported that half of the kids who enter Covenant House are reporting violence in the home and one in five report being beaten by an object. A very frightening thought. I'm glad to know that these kids are in a better place now.

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