Saturday, July 18, 2009

Now THAT is a lot of soap

Do you have any idea how much space would be taken up by 5 million bars of soap? How many trucks would be needed to move it? How much warehouse space it would occupy?

Neither did I -- until I started doing the math on the number of boxes that would be involved, the size of the boxes, etc.

It turns out you're looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 semi trailers. That's 80,000 cubic feet of storage. And that is a LOT of life-saving product, my friends!

The story of why I'm even thinking about transporting and storing 5 million bars is a little complicated, and I really can't go into it right now. Yeah, I know ... I'm a tease.

What can I say? I want you to keep coming back for more info :)

But seriously, there are many new partners climbing on board the CTW train, and a lot of good stuff is happening. Before we left Cap Haitien, Haiti, last week, one of the pastors requested that we come back in August with 150,000 bars. Well ... how can you say no to a request like that when you see such a great need?

That is a 7x increase over what we brought in the first shipment, so we are cranking up the CTW machine and getting ready to fulfill that request.

As always -- we can use your financial support, and we would love to talk to anyone you know in the hospitality or transportation industries. If they can give us soap or help us move it from Point A to Point B, then we want to meet them.

You can donate here.


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