Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angels of mercy gather in Milot

Where there is tragedy, there is opportunity for mercy. And for the many thousands of people in Haiti who suffered horrific injuries and losses in the 2010 earthquake, a flock of angels appeared in the form of first responders ready to lend medical assistance, helping hands, prayer and encouragement.

These people, especially the medical teams serving Hospital of the Sacred Heart (Hopital Sacre Coeur) in Milot (northern Haiti) are the subject of a poignant and gripping TV documentary – the “Angels of Milot.” The documentary will be broadcast this week on PBS stations nationwide [check your local listings].

Executive producer Ellen Lovejoy shares this story in a way that captures the emotion and excitement of those frenzied days one year ago when all of Haiti seemed to be buried in rubble. Courageous medical and health-assistance teams, including Clean the World, traveled to Haiti to meet the needs of people whose lives were changed forever.

While the documentary is not easy to watch – some of it is quite graphic – you deserve to make it your mission to remember those who have risked their lives in order to save the lives of others.


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