Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Can something we throw away save a life?

Can something we throw away save a child’s life?

Of course it can. And that’s the mission of Clean the World: Recycling soap, saving lives.

The Greenstreet Report, an environmentally focused investment publication, featured Clean the World in a Fall 2010 cover story that focuses on our attempts to stop the spread of disease in Haiti. [Add link here]

While Haiti is not our only focus, this article helps crystallize Clean the World’s mission in that troubled nation in a way that will inspire investors to support our “hygiene revolution.”

Shawn Seipler, executive director, Clean the World: “The [Clean the World] brand has incredible momentum. It stands for cleanliness, sustainability, life and hope. So much can be done to leverage those attributes to benefit partners from hoteliers to corporations and beyond. And as our partners benefit, so do the children we are working hard every day to save.”


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