Friday, January 27, 2012

BuyEfficient Donates 8 Tons of Soap to Clean the World

It’s not often we receive an email that has so much potential impact. But, boy, is it fun when we do.

Marti Mosley, soap drive coordinator at Clean the World, received an email in January from BuyEfficient of Aliso Viejo, Calif.

The message was simple: We have lots of supplies and we want to help Clean the World.

After a brief conversation about Clean the World’s mission and how BuyEfficient could help advance our global hygiene revolution, the results are in: More than 8 tons of soap have been shipped to Clean the World to help stop the spread of preventable diseases worldwide.

BuyEfficient, which offers complete online purchasing solutions for the hospitality industry, worked with 11 separate HD Supply locations across the United States to collect and send 16,356 lbs. of soap and 235 lbs. of bottled amenities to Clean the World. The collective cost of the donation is nearly $24,000.

“I was blown away,” says Mosley. “When I first heard BuyEfficient was interested in making a donation, I was expecting something in the neighborhood of 500 bars of soap. This is just unbelievably generous, and when I think of how many children will benefit from this one donation it just makes me so happy.”

The BuyEfficient donation was divided between Clean the World’s Orlando and Las Vegas Recycling Operations Centers. Many of the soaps and bottled amenities will be packaged in hygiene kits that are being sent to children and families in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala and a number of domestic homeless shelters and missions.

And that’s not all… Inspired by Clean the World’s mission to save lives with soap, a passionate group of BuyEfficient employees at the corporate office in California conducted their own soap drive, which netted another 150 lbs. of soap for people in need.

According to its company website, 1,200 Member hotels representing more than 25 hotel brands from leading hotel management companies and ownership groups rely on BuyEfficient to manage their end-to-end purchasing activities.

Thank you, BuyEfficient, for your enormous generosity, and thanks for helping Clean the World.

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