Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Las Vegas - Top Performing Properties

Feb. 29 marked the official opening of the Las Vegas Recycling Operations Center, but Clean the World is already witnessing great enthusiasm for soap recycling among our top performing properties in the Western Region of the United States.

In fact, of Clean the World’s more than 1,300 hotel partners throughout North America, our top four performers – and 5 of the top 9 -- are from Las Vegas.

Consider these remarkable collection statistics (in ascending order):

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas (8,781 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 30,000 bars of soap
The Venetian and The Palazzo (25,129 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 80,500 bars of soap

Encore Las Vegas (26,674 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 86,000 bars of soap

Caesars Palace (26,890 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 87,000 bars of soap

Wynn Las Vegas (28,793 lbs. of soaps and bottled amenities) – 92,000 bars of soap

The combined totals for these five properties alone equal 116,267 lbs. of hotel waste diverted from local landfills -- more than 57 tons of trash -- which will now be recycled into lifesaving hygiene supplies for people around the world.

Las Vegas is achieving amazing things. With the ability to attract individuals and families to the #1 entertainment destination in the United States, we have a great opportunity to benefit from the soaps and shampoos these guests leave behind.

It’s already happening  in Las Vegas. Just think of what this facility can do once all hotel partners in the Western and Pacific regions send their soaps and bottled amenities to Clean the World.

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Blogger Muhammad Amir said...

The three existing Hotel towers (still standing las vegas and currently dark) will be stripped down and act as a foundation for a jazzy new development to be known as SLS Las Vegas which will rise up from the ashes like a phoenix in the near future.

March 7, 2013 at 2:24 AM  
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