Friday, April 13, 2012

Tons of Soap Success at Walt Disney World Resorts

The Walt Disney World Resorts, which include all properties in Florida, California, and a new resort in Hawaii, are flexing their collective muscle with regard to helping Clean the World.
And they'll need all the muscle they can get to lift such an impressive amount of soaps and bottled amenities.

Since becoming one of Clean the World's first hospitality partners, the Disney properties have combined to collect an astounding 565,509 bars of soap (106,166 lbs. or 53 tons ) to help stop the spread of preventable diseases worldwide. By also collecting bottled amenities, Walt Disney World Resorts have helped divert more than 173,000 lbs. (86.5 tons) of hotel waste from polluting local landfills.

Just for fun, consider what those 86.5 tons of hotel waste would represent in creative terms:
- 1.73 million golf balls (Disney resorts have great golf courses. You'll need to shower after playing)
- 72,083 smoked turkey legs (a Disney theme park treat)
- 1 really clean, great-smelling Space Shuttle (with plenty of leftover soap bars to fight preventable diseases in outer space)

Mickey Mouse must be proud.

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