Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Easy Ways to Support our RocketHub Campaign

Recently we told you about an effort to raise $54,000 for new equipment that will allow us to reduce our soap recycling time by 85 percent. With this additional machinery, we can quickly process the surplus of 2 million soap bars currently residing in our Orlando facility.

As of this morning, we were at 10 percent of our goal. It's a great start - but there is still a long way to go, and a short time to get there. With help from you, your family and friends, we will turn that surplus into new, pressed bars that will be delivered to impoverished families around the world by this Christmas. But we simply can't do it without you.

Here are three easy ways you can help today:

     1) If you are able to offer financial support, please visit our RocketHub page now. Every little bit helps.

     2) If you are an influencer, we ask that you consider organizing a fundraiser at your place of business, church, school or other organization.

     3) If you already supported our RocketHub campaign or are not able to at this time, please pass along this newsletter to your friends or family members who might be interested in joining the Global Hygiene Revolution. The more you help us spread the word, the more lives we can save by protecting people from hygiene-related illnesses.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!


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