Friday, November 9, 2012

Closing Argument and Supporting Superstorm Sandy Victims

One week ago the country heard the closing arguments from politicians. Now, it’s Clean the World’s turn. We need your fuel. And so do the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

This is the closing argument from Clean the World CEO Shawn Seipler:

Every dollar donated to Clean the World’s Rocket Hub campaign will send one hygiene kit to a Sandy victim. Clean the World just sent 3,000 hygiene kits this week to be distributed by our partner, World Vision.

For more information, please read the blog post on our relief efforts.

Why should you fuel Clean the World’s Rocket Hub Campaign?
- The Rocket Hub campaign will raise money for four new machines that completely automate our soap sterilization process, reducing our soap recycling time by 90 percent!
- The new operational efficiency will allow Clean the World to begin processing 2 million more bars of soap for victims of Sandy and those in need around the world!
- The new equipment will create new jobs at Clean the World!
- With the new equipment, Clean the World can focus our volunteers on building hygiene kits for those impacted by Sandy and for food pantries and homeless shelters across the U.S.
PLEASE CLICK HERE TO FUEL US TODAYIf you have already fueled, we ask that you consider doing it again. The power of crowdfunding is in sharing the campaign with your network. Please share the project with your friends, family and network.


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