Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Behind the Scenes at Clean the World: Danny Simmons

Here’s a little free advice for executives and business leaders: If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, passionate expert to describe your product or service, maybe you should walk right on past your sales team and go talk to a few people in the warehouse. Or on the production floor. Or in the driver’s lounge.

Danny Simmons (click for larger version)
Danny Simmons is the assistant operations manager in Clean the World’s Orlando warehouse facility, and he will succinctly explain our mission to anyone who is interested.

“When family and friends ask me what Clean the World does, I tell them we are a non-profit organization that recycles hotel soap and bottled amenities,” Danny said. “We send the products to other countries to help save lives. I explain that due to the poverty in those places, they don’t have access to the things we can get. We try to make life easier for them.”

There you have it. Danny offers an easy-to-digest explanation that describes what we do in just a few sentences. No PowerPoint deck required.

Danny is a valuable utility player who is trained to work in all aspects of the recycling process. He tracks shipments in and out of the warehouse, sorts soap, operates production machinery, works on the packaging line and drives a forklift. His colleagues think so highly of him that Danny was named Employee of the Quarter earlier this year.

Before joining us three years ago, Danny wasn’t familiar with Clean the World. However, it wasn’t long before he became one of our biggest fans.

“Once I got involved and found out how lives can be saved with soap, it inspired me,” Danny said. “I saw how we help people in places like Haiti and Guatemala, and I saw how we change lives. I have opportunities here in this country. I have clean water and soap. I have food to eat. But I know there are people struggling, and this is a way I can help make it better for them. So I love what I’m doing.”

Danny says one of his favorite things about Clean the World is the people. He likes the fact that everyone is friendly and easy to get along with. Unlike a lot of people at other companies, Danny isn't one to grumble about going to his job.

“I don’t have that problem. I love going to work. The people here are my second family, and I'm happy to be part of it. I’m working for a purpose. And when I go home at night I’m proud of what I did, because I produced some soap and saved some lives.”


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