Monday, March 24, 2014

Welcome HDG Hotels to the Global Hygiene Revolution

Hotel Development and Management Group (HDG Hotels) is a new Clean the World partner in Ocala, Fla. This dynamic, innovative hotel management company operates nine properties on the Florida peninsula, with more in the pipeline.

The HDG philosophy aligns with our mission because it can be summed up by one word: “sustainable.” For HDG Hotels, this belief has translated to their hotels in terms of an effective preventative maintenance program that ensures equipment and machinery is running efficiently.

A migration to exterior and interior LED lighting significantly reduces energy consumption. And of course, partnering with Clean the World means soap and bottled amenities are now diverted from landfills to our lifesaving recycling program.

Well done, HDG. Welcome!

UPDATE – June 3, 2014: Since coming on board in late 2013, HDG properties have collectively contributed more than 3,000 pounds of discarded hygiene supplies to Clean the World. With their support, we are able to distribute about 15,000 bars of recycled soap and divert nearly 1,000 bottles into hygiene kits.


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