Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BBL Hospitality Joins the Global Hygiene Revolution

Homewood Suites, Port Saint Lucie, Fla.
BBL Hospitality is a full-service hotel management company offering hotel owners and developers a single, high-quality source for construction, financing, and management services.The company owns multiple restaurants and 12 top-quality hotels in New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Florida. And now the hotels are joining Clean the World's fight to combat hygiene-related illnesses.

BBL is deeply involved with the communities where they operate. They have always been actively involved in family, sports, health, education, and many forms of aid to those in need. The company actively encourages and support employees in giving some of their energy and talent to deserving causes in their communities. They also are active corporate sponsors for major charities through the BBL Charitable Foundation.

Since BBL properties started coming on board with Clean the World in 2013, they have contributed enough discarded soap for us to manufacture more than 5,400 recycled soap bars. And more than 1,500 amenity bottles from BBL have gone into hygiene kits.


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