Friday, June 6, 2014

Turning Stone Resort Casino Off to an Awesome Start

Founded upon the Native American values of the Oneida Indians, the Turning Stone Resort Casino is dedicated to charitable causes and environmental sustainability. Which is why they have already recycled more than 8,000 pounds of soap and bottled amenities with Clean the World since late 2013.

Joining the Global Hygiene Revolution demonstrates and reinforces Turning Stone’s dedication to charitable causes and environmental sustainability. Turning Stone uses water from its drainage systems and reclaimed city water to irrigate the complex’s grounds and golf courses. As a 24/7 resort, Turning Stone utilizes LED lights and photo sensors that adjust to natural daylight to conserve electricity. Special roof coating materials are also used throughout the facility to extend the rubber’s life and keep the materials cooler on hot days, thus reducing the amount of work required from the air conditioning systems.

Turning Stone is off to an awesome start!


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